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Why Your Awesome Career Won’t Help You In This New Global Economy

Career- Is Yours Even Awesome At All?

Let me assume you have a great career right now, but I want to open your eyes to somethings. The world is changing. In fact, it has changed. The bad thing about this is that many people are yet to acknowledge this fact. So many years back, being an employee seemed to be the best way out of poverty.

4c00362c4a51e2df51876ecdbe2c2264Even up till now, I still hear from the older people that companies used to wait for school certificate holders to finish their education and employ them.

So, people decide to go to school and their parents did their best to support; all they could to make sure their children went to school. Some parents even went extra miles.

So, people decided to make getting an education a priority. It was simple. Get educated, learn how to be an employee, get a company to employ you.

Work with them for 35 years, and then retire. Very simple, right? Maybe, but here is the thing…

blooo-1In the recent decades, the promise of being rewarded for your loyalty, dedication and hardwork by your company has now become a myth.

People are now realizing that their hard work and loyalty are not being rewarded as initially promised.

I am sure you can relate that to the present situation in which government workers In Nigeria are in now, even for those that are still in service.

Many people are also now moving from one job to another. If there is an announcement for a job vacancy, out of a 100 candidate that would apply for the post, 40% of them are already employees with a company or organisation somewhere. They are just looking to secure a better job appointment.

Here comes the big announcement…


The evolution is already happening. The world is changing, whether you accept this or not. So, why is this happening? There is now a better model and better result with less expense.

That model is, paying for PERFORMANCE and not TIME.

That’s the truth. In the future (not far from now), you are no longer going to get paid for your TIME anymore, but for your PERFORMANCE.

Most people are already experiencing that anyway, like those in MLM business, which has started for over 50 years now. Companies are rapidly adopting this method.

Ok, in case you do not know what I mean by that. I am going to explain. Let’s look at the work of a cleaner at a hotel. She won’t be paid for her time at the hotel but for the number of rooms she is able to clean in a day or month.

Imagine her salary being based on that. Now, imagine that technique being applied to all kinds of jobs, including your awesome career.

The company might start by deciding to reduce the salary of an employee, what’s going to happen?

With the present level of unemployment in Nigeria, another job candidate is eagerly waiting outside to get occupy the position of that employee, even for a lower amount.

A proof of what I am talking about is here

This new economy needs fewer people because there are fewer positions to occupy. We also have EVER increasing numbers of unemployed people that are competing for those fewer positions.

The problem? Technology.

But can we say Technology is a problem? Looking at the various advantages and benefits we now derive from it.

In fact, its contribution to the growth and development of business, companies, human lives and the nation as a whole can never be overestimated. But it has also made the labour force irrelevant to some extent and it is time to face the reality.

Previously, more than a hundred years ago, 90% people work in agriculture. But these days, so many machines have taken over the jobs of people in farming and people only need to do like 1% of the job.

It might not already be like that yet in Nigeria, but it is already so in developed countries. But don’t ever think Nigeria won’t be fully adopting that

In the developed countries, at the customer service call centres where you talk to people, it is no longer like that these days. Today, you talk to a machine and those jobs for customer service representatives are gone.

If you are a customer service representative in Nigeria, don’t think you have found a career. Nigeria is rapidly moving towards replacing you with a machine. But enjoy it while it lasts and have other better plans for your life.

In the past, company used to have a whole lot of people to sell for them, but it is no longer like that these days.

People now buy their stuffs online, thanks to the likes of Jumia, Amazon, Konga, E-Bay etc. So, what happen to those sales jobs? They are gone. Gone!

I don’t even have to bore you with how fast technology is now replacing people in the banking sector these days. You can also read a detailed report based on a research that proofs Technology Is Destroying Your Jobs.

Fewer jobs every day, more and more people competing for them.Imagine over a million people applying for 10,000 police job. Isn’t that ridiculous?

When I decided to stay back when they retained me after my Youth Service, my fellow corp members thought I was crazy. “This place is full of crap, I can’t wait to go back to Lagos”, most of them said.

My salary was just #15, 000. My place of work was 5 minutes trek from my home, a free accommodation. I am a qualified teacher, and I loved what I was doing.

I continued with the job there and still went on attending one interview to another in different parts of Nigeria. None of the companies called me back. Now, when I look back at those companies today, I can boldly say “it’s their losses”.

3 months after our POP, 3 of my friends called me to ask if there was still a vacancy where I was teaching. One even came back from Lagos to secure a job in Makurdi. I asked her what happened to all the jobs in Lagos, she told me they are still there.

She got an offer of #50,000. When she deducted the sum of her transport fare for the month, she was able to take home #20,000.

My roommate called to tell me she had settled for #8,000 teaching job in Ibadan and living with her parents. Something I did not want that made me stay back.

rrrThe bitter truth about all this?  Things Would Only Accelerate. If you keep watching and waiting for the economy to bounce back, sorry, you are wasting your time.

All these are why your career won’t help you in this new global economy. This is not only in Nigeria. It is global. So, you can keep putting the blame on “change”, or you can grow up and get a backbone. Your choice.

This is a REALITY.

Time is money. While you keep waiting for the economy situation to get better, your time is wasting. Your days are going and your years are passing away.

The poor are the ones that are passing over opportunities repeatedly and solely relying on the salary from their career. Oh, I get it. Your own career is awesome. You earn #200,000 per month. I am sure you know humans taste in products tend to rise according to their income.

Some years back, I could not understand why my landlord earning #450,000 was able to buy 40k shoe and wanted to give it out because he lost interest after the first use, while I was earning 15k as salary. I swore to myself I can never spend that much on something intended to march the ground. See the mentality I inherited from poverty.

But today, I understand that man although I am not yet as rich as he was. Your taste in things rises with your income.

Stop playing it safe, Take CALCULATED risks. No risks, no reward.

Diversify your investments.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 “Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many ways. Give a portion to seven, or also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.”

Anything can happen. I believe you know better.

11:4 “He who watches the wind will never sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap”.

Do you know what that means? Stop procrastinating!

You need to move with the flow. You need to stop struggling to survive in this new economy when you CAN actually thrive.

You can either choose to retire into wealth or poverty, that’s if you have been lucky enough to get something tangible doing. And if you are happy with your current career or whatever you are doing.

Career Man & Woman- POOR means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

I know. This is Nigeria, shits happen. Risks have given you terrible and painful experiences. I have also had my own generous share of them too. I failed twice in my MLM business and Jeff Atkins (now a Network and Internet Marketing Warrior) failed 19 times. But the third paid off because I learnt to do it the right way.

So, do you still think you have an awesome career?

It is high time you got a PLAN B Source of Income.

How should you describe your financial stewardship?

In what areas of your life have you been afraid to move forward because of fear of failure?

What certain IDEA, INITIATIVE PROJECT or DREAM have you been postponing?

Dream is like a seed planted, when it is not properly cultivated or watered, it dies.

How do you get started?

What should be your first step towards it?



I am a visual artist, blogger, freelance writer and an entrepreneur; Network Marketing professional. I blog about Personal Development and what I do. I earn my full time income by working from home. I also help others who are interested in earning a residual income. Nigeria Tel: +2348131086218, Whatsapp: +2348182254339
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  1. Kutaje Oghenevwaire Joseph

    Nice write up, but your articles are too long. Drive home your points on shorter articles.
    Keep on writing

    1. Ojo Christianah W (Post author)

      Thanks Kutaje, I appreciate your contribution. I will consider your point.


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