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Fear – Facing The Oldest, Greatest And Commonest Demon Of Mankind

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” 

― H.P. LovecraftSupernatural Horror in Literature

I totally agree with that since fear started from the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 3: 10 “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid…”

What is Fear?

Fear is a serious demon, a chronic spiritual and universal disease that is present in both old and young. It poisons the mind and can completely destroy someone.

It’s the dark room where negative things are developed. The highway of fear is the shortest route to defeat. It’s running away from something that is not pursuing you. The fear of the future is a waste of the presence.

Fear is a product of ignorance and polluted imaginations. It has destroyed homes, marriages, and businesses.

Fear empowers your challenges. It makes a man believe the worst, which makes us anxious and irritable. Fear is a form of cruelty and it can deteriorate our physical state. It makes you drive your car thinking you didn’t place your foot on the break.

Fear is a life-stealer. It makes people live in unnecessary agitation.

Fear gives small things big shadows.

Here Is a Short Story About Fear

A man’s car broke down at a very remote area and he waited for hours trying to get a car lift but only few cars came his way and none stopped to help. Eventually, he got helped by a driver after the driver explained to him that he was transporting some coffins and asked if the man wouldn’t mind managing at the small space beside the coffins. The man agreed, since he didn’t have much choice anyway.

Later on the road, the vehicle entered a ditch, which make everyone in the vehicle slightly uncomfortable and the man heard a voice (“yee…yee..!!!”) from one of the coffins, got scared and jumps out of the vehicle. He did not know that the driver had given someone else a lift before him and the person felt like resting, entered into one of the coffins and slept.

This man broke his two legs because of that incident and lost them. That’s the work of fear.  He jumped without waiting to know what was going on. Apparently, he thought there was a corpse in one of the coffins that had jumped back to life.

Some Fears Are Different

Some fears are not bad and they help us to survive, such fears are common to living things, such as the one that makes you look carefully before crossing the road.

Scientifically, when babies are born, they come with only two kinds of fear. These are;

  1. The fear of loud noise (which is believed to be because of the quietness of the environment they have been for 9 months – womb.
  2. The fear of falling down.

Other kinds of fear were acquired as we grow up in life, due to our childhood or past experiences.

What are you afraid of?

Is it the fear of investments, marriage, loneliness, divorce, surgery or operation, poverty, barrenness, failure of exams, potency, darkness, trust etc? Fear of what people will say or do about me? Is it fear of success, failure or the unknown?

You must identify your fear and deal with it.

Fear of The Unknown

“Mindless fear is greater than mindful fear.”

“Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.”
― Idowu KoyenikanWealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

The truth is everybody worries about the future. Not knowing if something good or bad will happen in future can result in a lot of anxiety and fear.

You can’t predict the future with 100% certainty. Ok, let’s say you happen to miss the deadline for a project, which you have been working hard to meet for the past few months. Things are happening just as you have feared.

Then, suddenly, your boss enters your office and informs you that the deadline is extended, mentioning that he had forgotten to tell you the previous day.

In my area where I live, there is usually light here from morning till around 4 everyday. Everyone knows there is always power outage by 4 pm everyday and so they get their acts together to ensure it does not affect them that much.

I had something important to do and couldn’t finish a project I was working on with light, because I was out all morning. Like usual, there was power outage by 4 pm but the light was restored by 4:15pm and was left alone for the rest of the day, which is very unusual.

There are sometimes unknown factors, which change everything. You may be 99% correct in predicting the future but things can still change.

Learn to take things one day at a time. Each day gives us different opportunities to learn new things. This also includes learning how to deal with your challenges.

Fear Of Failure

Nobody likes failure but failing is a significant psychological threat to some people that they prefer not to try at all instead of trying and failing. This leads to their unconscious ways of sabotaging their own chances of success.

Failure results in sadness, disappointment, and regret. However, what people are most scared of is the shame that comes from making a mistake or failing. Shame makes us feel bad most about who we are because more than the feeling of guilt and regret that come with failing, shame affects our ego and self-esteem.

This is the major reason why most people come up with millions of excuses for not succeeding in just one thing.

However, a child that afraid of falling might never learn to walk.

Going Biblical

Unfortunately, fear is only what mankind sees but not what God sees. The Bible makes us understand that fear is a spirit.

Fear is the opposite of faith. Both of them are mutually exclusive. It makes it hard for us to receive from God.

God gave Jesus, good health, salvation and so many things but there’s one thing that He didn’t give us which is Fear, according to 2 Timothy 1:7

So, it’s either from you or from the demon.

Fear always remembers bad examples. It gets pregnant and delivers a baby called doubt, which results to unanswered prayers. Unanswered prayers lead to deeper fear.

The word of God in the Bible describes fear as a tormentor. That’s in 1 John 4:18.

With fear, all you will keep hearing is the voice of Goliath.

Fear is written 365 times in the Bible. You will observe the bible always says, “Fear not….” Each ‘FEAR NOT’ for each day of the year.

The demon (fear) does not fear the man who fears.

Fear is a killer.


This is a great way to reduce the stress and fear of a coming situation and increase your self-confidence.

Take a deep breath and try to find something relaxing to do in order to get your mind off of your stresses and anxieties. You could take a walk, exercise, watch TV or do an activity that will give you a fresh perspective on things. This will distract you from your current worries. I love to watch a comedy at a time like this. Listening to some music also works like magic for me.

Most times, our worrying only worsens the problem. Worrying will not change anything. You can only do your best each day, be optimistic, hope for the best, and take it in stride if something does happen.

You can talk to someone that you are sure genuinely cares about you on it. Talking to a counselor or clergyman can also be of great help.



Do you know that 85% of the things you worry about never materialize? Sounds bogus, right?

But it’s true.

Faith and fear both come from hearing things. What kinds of words do you listen to? Who are the kinds of people you hang around with?

Instead of allowing your life to sink deeper into the fear of the unknown, I will encourage you to learn to fear God instead, and you will have nothing else to fear. Identify the root cause of your fear and remember that failure is only temporary. You don’t want a future where fear controls your life. A life where you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone or taking risks sounds boring to me personally.

If you live a life WITHOUT challenges or some calculated risks, what’s your story going to be like at the end of your life? Is it going to be interesting, inspirational or impact others?

There are ways to help manage your fear and all it takes is some effort to find those answers.


Do you have any tips on how you manage your fear and anxiety? Please let us know in comment.

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  12. apxnsvwex

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    #6g83ldjk53a2,%20si%20puГІ%20perdere%20peso%20e%20alla%20reception%20ok%20%20come%20perdere%20peso%20come%20il%20mese%20scorso%20da%2015%20kg%20nella%20dieta%20di%20casa%20%20come%20perdere%20peso%20in%202%20settimane%20Lyashkov%20dieta%20%20nuovo%20viagra%20Erica%20foto%20a%20perdere%20peso%20%20non%20si%20rompe%20via%20dalla%20dieta%20nella%20prima%20giornata%20%20correzione%20figura%20idoneitГ %20ГЁ%20Lyapko%20pad%20applicatore%20dimagrimento%20%20%20dieta%20per%20perdere%20peso%20in%20’52%20%20Erbe%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20come%20vero%20e%20proprio%20perdere%20peso%203%20kg%20tiroide%20provoca%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20bevanda%20semplice%20ed%20efficace%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20Ginger%20proprietГ %20benefiche%20per%20donne%20a%20perdere%20peso%20%20%20come%20perdere%20peso%20dopo%20il%20parto%20per%20la%20pasta%20%20come%20controllare%20sono%20in%20sovrappeso%20%20meno%2010%20kg%20per%20il%20menu%20di%2010%20giorni%20%20acqua%20sanatorio%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20gambe%20dimagranti%20di%20stretching%20a%20casa%20dieta%20per%203%20settimane%20meno%20di%207%20kg%20quanto%20e%20quanti%20avete%20bisogno%20di%20mangiare%20proteine%20​​grassi%20e%20carboidrati%20per%20perdere%20peso%20la%20piГ№%20potente%20di%20perdita%20di%20peso%20Mi%20siedo%20sul%20peso%20grano%20saraceno%20dieta%20si%20ferma%20infuso%20di%20zenzero%20con%20limone%20per%20ricetta%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20dolore%20al%20ginocchio%20in%20sovrappeso%20%20Dieta%201000%20calorie%20al%20giorno%20per%20una%20settimana%20recensioni%20di%20menu%20%20Voglio%20perdere%20peso%20in%20due%20settimane%20a%205%20kg%20come%20perdere%20peso%20velocemente%20cosa%20fare%20cosa%20non%20fare%20%2045%20giorni%20di%20dieta%20%20dieta%20dei%20bambini%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20di%2010%20anni%20di%20menu%20%20%20%20che%20fatta%20dimagrimento%20Anita%20Tsoy%20%20cons%20grano%20saraceno%20recensioni%20di%20dieta%20e%20risultati%20foto%20%20dimagrante%20per%20Borodina%20forum%20%20come%20perdere%20peso%20in%202%20mesi,%20da%2020%20kg%20prima%20e%20dopo%20le%20foto%20%20perdere%20peso%20mangiando%20pane%20%20prescrizione%20per%207%20giorni%20dimagrimento%20Ricette%20Dieta%20dyukanu%20attacco%20da%20giorno%202%20settimane%20per%20perdere%20peso%20il%202%20marzo%20ru%20con%20una%20corretta%20alimentazione%20e%20lo%20sport%20su%20quanto%20si%20puГІ%20perdere%20peso%20in%20un%20mese%20recensioni%20scaricare%20video%20tutorial%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20e%20la%20danza%20jet%20dimagrante%20%20perso%2010%20kg%20in%2014%20giorni,%20Foto%20%20Ananas%20favorisce%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20tazza%20calda%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20Slimming%20non%20ГЁ%20falso%20%20la%20dieta%20piГ№%20efficace%20per%2010%20kg%20%20aceto%20di%20vino%20e%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20per%20perdere%20peso%20a%2010%20kg%20per%202%20settimane%20ragazzo%20adolescente%20%20come%20perdere%20peso%20velocemente%20mega%20%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20a%20casa%20%20come%20perdere%20peso,%20a%20notte%20%20porridge%20di%20avena%20con%20miele%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20metodi%20di%20salute%20programma%20di%20perdita%20di%20peso%20in%20quanto%20vГЁ%20poco%20da%20perdere%20e%20quanto,%20caffГЁ%20e%20cappuccino%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20pillole%20dimagranti%20recensioni%20di%20frutta%20Basha%20%20Dubtsova%20prima%20e%20dopo%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20prima%20e%20dopo%20le%20foto%20%20pulizia%20clistere%20per%20perdere%20peso%20%20acido%20ialuronico%20con%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20Perdere%20peso%20per%20compresse%20diuretiche%20banche%20dimagrimento%20benefici%20e%20rischi%20%20%20esecuzione%20dieta%20di%20giorno%20%20menu%20di%20dieta%20proteica%20per%20asciugare%20il%20corpo%20per%20una%20settimana%20%20vera%20e%20propria%20dieta%20per%202%20recensioni%20settimane%20buoni%20esempi%20di%20perdita%20di%20peso%20prodotti%20dimagranti%20Slim%20Evelina%20dimagrante%20%20%20cadere%20sottili%20recensioni%20medici%20dimagranti%20%20regole%20di%20dieta%20da%20un%20nutrizionista%20%20un%20esempio%20di%20pensiero-forme%20di%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20Dieta%20ballerine%2010%20giorni%209%20%20giorni%20di%20digiuno%20dimagrante%20forum%20Dieta%20provoca%20i%20piedi%20caviglia%20donne%20di%20foto%20con%20sovrappeso%20come%20perdere%20peso%20senza%20esercizio%20nelle%20mani%20di%20Indice%20glicemico%20e%20il%20peso%20perdita%20recensioni%20beneficio%20purГЁ%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20%20Non%20impedire%20l’eccesso%20di%20peso%20di%20rimanere%20incinta%20%20perdere%20peso%20con%20l’aiuto%20della%20magia%20per%203%20giorni%20%20come%20rimuovere%20il%20grasso%20in%20eccesso%20con%20l’addome%20per%20gli%20uomini%20la%20perdita%20di%20peso%20fitness%20per%20quanto%20%20menГ№%20il%20primo%20attacco%20dieta%20giorno%20Ducane%20%20abbigliamento%20per%20la%20lotta%20contro%20lobesitГ%20%20%20%20dieta%20per%207%20giorni%20per%20i%20modelli%20%20dieta%20per%20un%20bambino%20di%202%20anni%20con%20obesitГ %20%20dieta%20per%20la%20perdita%20di%20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