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Employment – How Social Media Sabotage Job Opportunities

social media sabotage job opportunities

How Social Media Sabotage Job Opportunities

Social media sabotage job opportunities. How real is this?

There was a time when impressing your potential employer could be done through outstanding qualifications in a well-put together resume and employers’ hiring decisions were made based on their meeting with potential employee and discussing their resume during an interview. Today, things have gotten a little bit different in this digital age.

social media sabotage job opportunitiesApart from catching up with friends and family, getting updated on social trends and laughing at memes, social media provide job seekers with the opportunity to learn about companies of their interests, connect with their former and current employees, hear about immediate job and learn more about their industry.

Social Media And Job Search

social media sabotage job opportunitiesOn the other hand, social media also play important role in connecting hiring managers with job candidates. Hunting for a job is a two-way street. In this digital age, the impact of technology’s influence is also felt in the HR sector. You are busy researching potential employers and hiring managers while they are doing the same on you.

For Hiring Managers, a candidate’s ‘digital footprint’ is just as important as the resume. According to recent research, social media screening has now become one of the standard aspects of the hiring process. CareerBuilder has revealed that about 70% of employers adopt this method before they hire.

social media sabotage job opportunitiesWhile some employers have been encouraged to hire candidates through their social media activities, others have been turned-off with what they see and read about their candidates online.

One of the biggest turn-offs are poor communication skills, inappropriate photographs, signs of drugs, terrible comments related to gender, religion and race and bad-mouthing of fellow employees or previous employers. This is how social media sabotage job opportunities for job seekers.

How Social Media Sabotage Job Opportunities – The HR Sector

You wonder why this tread about social media and hiring process can’t be left alone. What has my private life activities got to do with my professional assessment?

This is why.

In recent years, companies have become more concerned about “cultural fit” inside their company. Your resumes don’t tell all there is to know about who you really are. Resumes don’t reveal your curiosity about the world and your interests in other aspects of life.

This is why the HR sector snoops into your social media; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and most certainly, your LinkedIn profile. They get to gain a decent understanding of their candidates’ priorities, interests and personalities. This may have been done prior to invitation for an interview or during the interviewing process. It’s certainly going to happen, with or without your consent.

Many posts by ‘influencers’ on LinkedIn emphasis personal branding. Employees want the best candidate and isn’t trying to convince your potential employee that are the best candidate for the job all about selling yourself in the right way? One of the best ways to achieve this is through social media, which plays an important role in how people perceive you. Thanks to all those comments and events from your social media history.

If you think you can make your social media posts disappear or that private pages are private? Then, you might want to think again. Screenshots by your friends won’t disappear.

You can share interesting articles that show us how friendly or extraverted you are. However, is being a “people person”, as many candidates claim, not difference from drinking too much or partying all the time?

The bad news –you can’t stop recruiter from going through your social media profiles. The good news is that recruiters aren’t going through your media profiles to dig up bad things about you. Most times, they just want to get more information about you that might give you an advantage.

What Can You Do?

As someone seeking for a job, don’t focus on removing inappropriate content from your media profiles. Instead of that, work on creating profiles that properly represent your experience and skills and create the kind of positive impression those potential recruiters will be impressed with.

Be sure your profile picture is suitable and make your personal bio simple. Choose a platform where you can get updated about your industry and build connections- LinkedIn is a great place to start. Like, comment and share people’s post in your industry.

Post something about your achievements, share the lessons learnt and inspire others with it. When it comes to religion, politics and sex – tread carefully. Avoid racy content, offensive images or sentiments and argumentative treads and comments. Be careful with your jokes about illegal activities.

Follow the right people to improve your commercial awareness. Mention your hobbies and showcase events of your interest to give people a real insight into your personality. Above everything, don’t forget to be yourself.


How I hope you’ve learnt one or two things about how social media sabotage job opportunities. In summary, inappropriate use of social media may make you miss out on opportunities while a positive image could attract potential employer and make you stand out from the competition. Which one do you prefer?

I am a visual artist, blogger, freelance writer and an entrepreneur; Network Marketing professional. I blog about Personal Development and what I do. I earn my full time income by working from home. I also help others who are interested in earning a residual income. Nigeria Tel: +2348131086218, Whatsapp: +2348182254339
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