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How To Convince Someone To Join Your Network Marketing Company

how to convince someone to join your network marketing company

How Can You Convince Someone To Join Your Network Marketing Company?


So, just how can you convince people to join your network marketing company, especially those that say “No”?

It’s simple.

You don’t.

According to Les Brown “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

Trying to ‘convince’ people is a mistake. Has anyone ever convinced you to buy something before? Like something you really didn’t want in the first place? Afterwards, how did you feel? Wasn’t what you felt an instant regret, which made you wonder “Why did I DO that?”

So, whenever you manage to convince someone to join your network marketing company, expect them to have those same feelings.

You can’t “convince” anybody, who doesn’t sincerely want to do the work of network marketing to join your network marketing business.

how to convince someone to join your network marketing companyTo convince someone to join your network marketing company means you will have to convince them to create a list, to make a call, make presentation, follow up and also convince them to have their team members trained.

Is that what you want to start doing? Imagine doing that for 5 downlines and see what it would be like to do that to 10, 15…20 and so on. It can be very frustration for both you and your downlines and many will eventually end up quitting.

Trying to convince them will only scare them away. They will see you as a pest and not as a guest, which is the difference between when you are trying to build your network marketing business with your friends and family vs. doing it with complete but seeking and willing strangers.

There isn’t need for you to try and convince people of anything, you just have to show them the details. If they say yes, it’s cool. If they say no, then appreciate them and move on.

They don’t have the same dream with you. A lot of people are running from network marketing because it is real work and requires extra effort.

For those that say no, let it go for them.

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This How To “Convince” People To Join Your Network Marketing Company

how to convince someone to join your network marketing companyInstead of trying to convince people to join your business, this is what you should do instead.

Build a relationship with them and gain their trust. “VALUE” and “RELATIONSHIP BUILDING” are important in network marketing.

One important fact to put in mind is that people only join people, not companies. People join to become a part of your team. So, you need to be uplifting, encouraging and positive towards others. Being a person of your word will help you build your integrity. Show sincere gratitude and appreciation for things done by others. Be attractive. Be someone you will also want in your own team.

There is no business without ups and downs. Let them know about this. It won’t be all rosy, let them know that. If they are well prepared, then they won’t just run away in the middle of things.

Avoid chasing people around, making them seeing you like a hawk, trying to “convince”(force) them to join your company. That’s depressing. You don’t need a certain person. You can succeed with or without someone.

5 Ways People Say No To Network Marketing & How To Respond

Don’t forget that prospecting comes with a lot of objection and I have experienced them myself, countless times. The following are the common excuses that you hear from prospects when they don’t want to join network marketing.

  1. “I Don’t Have Time”

how to convince someone to join your network marketing companyContrary to some of the network marketing lies you also might have heard from your uplines, networking marketing business requires your time and a lot of it. However, network marketing is one of the businesses that create residual income for a long term.

So, you need to let your prospects know that they time they will be spending on the business now will bring them more time and freedom in the future.

  1. “I Don’t Have Money”

The initial required investment to join MLM is very low when compared to the amount that is needed to set up any other business opportunity. Although it depends on the network marketing company, the average cost is around $250 for anyone looking to become a distributor.

how to convince someone to join your network marketing companyIf you want to compare this amount of money to the one you would spend on gas, rent, groceries and so on, it’s really nothing. I am sure your prospect has spent more than that on a mobile phone, car or other gadgets.

The only difference is that, unlike those ones, joining a network marking business brings them an exponential reward continually for life.

  1. “I Need To Think About It”

What’s there to think about, when you are offering them an opportunity to resolve many of their life’s problem such as having enough time in the future, financial freedom?

You have the freedom to delay it as long as you want, but every day you are delay is a day you miss the chance to build an empire of your own.

If you are waiting for success to happen, you might wait for a long time. You have to go and get it.

  1. “My Friend Tried It And Failed”

People have different reasons why they join network marketing in the first place. Some people just want quick and magical cash and others don’t take it seriously because of the low investment option. These and more are better explained in the 95% failure rate myth in network marketing.

If it were a business they use their homes or tangible things as collateral, would they have given up so easily? About 80% of businesses that cost more than $250 end up failing every year.

It’s not like those business owners blame it on something. However, in network marketing, people find it easier to blame the company, blame their uplines, blame the products etc, when they really should have treated MLM like the real business it actually is.

That your friend had bad things to say about the business doesn’t mean you will end up with the same experience. Also, that your friend failed doesn’t mean you will also fail.

  1. “I Don’t Know A Lot Of People”

You don’t need millions of people to be successful in network marketing. The truth? Even 100 is much. According to a network marketing professional, he prospected about a thousand people, majority said no, about 387 joined but only 80+ people were actually active while others dropped the business because of some obvious reasons.

According to him, at the end of everything only 11 people made him a billionaire. Network marketing isn’t for everyone but anyone can become your team member. You need active people that treat the business like it should be treated, that’s all. You just need to have confidence in yourself.

Anyone’s life is bound to benefit from a good network marketing company.
You just have to give people a huge “why” and then they will work out any “how”. Let them know about the benefits of your company and see how passionate you are about your products.

how to convince someone to join your network marketing companyConclusion

You don’t ever convince someone to join your network marketing company. If that’s what your upline has told you, then he’s wrong. What you do is offering people your business, educating them on exactly what it is, reveal the information to them, and then allow them to make up their mind. Develop the necessary qualities to be a leader in MLM.

Be professional. Don’t get attached to the outcome or become emotional when you hear “no”. It is people who try to convince others to join against their will that are giving network marketing business a bad name.

Instead of trying convince anyone, try and build an online presence, do it the right way and earn people’s trust. This way, you will have people signing up because they are not convinced but want to join your business.

I am a visual artist, blogger, freelance writer and an entrepreneur; Network Marketing professional. I blog about Personal Development and what I do. I earn my full time income by working from home. I also help others who are interested in earning a residual income. Nigeria Tel: +2348131086218, Whatsapp: +2348182254339
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