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About Me


Oowkay. It’s myself, Christina, from Ondo State (‘egin’, precisely). I am primarily a Visual Artist, with specialization in Graphics Design. I still practice and I love every minute of it. I am also a blogger, freelance writer for hire, Internet Marketer and a professional Network Marketer. I am a qualified teacher too. I used to teach until I resigned to work from home full time.

I have managed and contributed to many websites such as Fitness TipsterPregnancy MiracleReviewsMemoFull Daily ReviewsWeight Loss Reviews and my articles have featured in all, which are mostly educative articles on health, weight loss and products reviews. You can also view my posts through my profiles on TumblrLIveJournalBlogSpotEdublogWordPress, and Ibosocial.

When I am not busy, you will probably find me learning something new, surfing the internet or hanging out with friends. I live life according to my values. I believe in creativity, love, honesty, trust, freedom, integrity, respect, service, team work and commitment.

As a Visual Artist, I have a creative and flexible attitude to work. My main strengths are dependability, adaptability and determination to get a job done. This is because I am sure there are always new things to be learnt from every experience. I also know this provides room for self-improvement, professionally and personally.

I am not yet the Expert or Pro yet, because I am still learning. I learn everyday. But the little knowledge I have gotten in these aspects have paid me enough to confidently quit my day job in order to start a full time career online with Network Marketing and Earning Money Online.

To the glory of God, no regrets so far. It’s still like a dream that I get to enjoy so much freedom and still make money. I have a place in mind; among the experts. I am not even near it, but believe me when I say this-I will surely get there but I just really want to drag as many as possible with me.

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” John “The Penguin” Bingham

What is that certain idea, dream or initiative project you have being postponing? No matter your age or level, you can still activate your bliss. I also want to help you achieve that. Success has no limits, and I do not think your goals should too. The key to achieving the two starts with taking action as soon as you can.

Get a plan B. Procrastination is a KILLER on the path to financial freedom. If there’s one thing we can’t get back, it is TIME. If you are a positive and self-motivated person looking to make a change, let’s work together.

Yours truly,

If you have any question for me or any thought, I would love to know them.

To contact me or work with me, feel free to reach out to me HERE.

You could also connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. But if you want to be my friend on Facebook, then it is not enough to just add me, you have got to come here and hug me.


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