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Personal Development

Employment – How Social Media Sabotage Job Opportunities

social media sabotage job opportunities

How Social Media Sabotage Job Opportunities Social media sabotage job opportunities. How real is this? There was a time when impressing your potential employer could be done through outstanding qualifications in a well-put together resume and employers’ hiring decisions were…
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Fear – Facing The Oldest, Greatest And Commonest Demon Of Mankind

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”  ― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature I totally agree with that since fear started from the Garden of Eden….
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8 Most Effective Ways To Get Out Of Debt Fast In Nigeria

Proven Ways For How To Get Out Of Debt With A Smile Truly, debt is no fun. It even sucks the fun out of living. Lots of bills to attend to, probably not your fault. Debt is sometimes an unintended…
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8 Secret Ways You Are Ignorantly Destroying Your Personal Productivity

The Secret killers That Are Destroying Your Personal Productivity If you are an entrepreneur, then like me, you must always have a list of long urgent task ahead of you every day, even before you leave your bed in the…
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Corporate Settings – Which Part Of Being An Employee Do You Hate?

If you feel unsatisfied or restless about your job, or you just wake up every day with the anxiety of you continuing your life with the way you earn your living right now, I don’t think you are alone in…
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Multi-Level Marketing Lies- It Is Time To Face The Truth

Truly, 90% of the population will grab the opportunity of earning without having to work. It explains why almost everyone in Nigeria is into MMM today. Yes, if given the chances and privileges, we want to have reasonable jobs with…
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