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My Story


Ever wondered if there’s MORE to life? Like there is a really big thing waiting for you out there? It’s funny we all each have our imaginations of what we would become growing up. Most of us do not have the life we thought we would have but still have that childhood desire burning inside us, waiting to be released.

Just how I have been feeling until few months back. Looking into my life from outside, it looked OK, except for the emptiness inside me. It could be frustrating most times, you know, working for another person’s dream and waking up to another person’s schedule. Might not be a bad idea for most people, just didn’t click for me because there is no way I am spending my life like that until 60.

Thanks to my past hard times and struggle that has enabled me to see life from a certain perspective which is pretty difficult to come by if you are the type that was born with a silver spoon. I got my mindset from that environment. That mindset has positively changed my life even though some people use those “hard times” as excuses for not going after their dreams.

Prosperity has a lot to do with the kind of mindset that you have, along with your willingness to work through failure. It’s all a choice and you have the potential if you choose to.

Why Network Marketing?

Believe me, by now; I am pretty used to hearing that. If you would have told me I was going to join this industry of network marketing, my response would have been ‘never’. But I did, failed twice and still joined again. Lolz…

In 2013, during my Youth Service, Network Marketing found me. I was invited by a friend for business presentation. I just decided to attend, out of respect for my friend. That’s because he was really super excited about it and I didn’t want to bust his balloon. I got there; met people dressed ‘seriously’ and endured watching the boring presentation.

I just sat there waiting eagerly for everything to come to an end so I could find my way back home, but it was the last few pages of the presentation that caught my attention. The presenter talked about the levels in the company and how much they were earning. Wow, it sounded too good to be true. I was so motivated. I grabbed a form and filled it. Shortly after, I collected my Starter Kits and started prospecting. But then, all I had was the excitement. No confidence, no experience. I didn’t even really know what I was doing which resulted in a waste of energy and time. Constantly hearing “no” from people drained the energy out of me. So, I gave up on it.

Late that same year, I saw another opportunity in Network Marketing that seems a whole lot easier, got motivated again and opted in. Oops, it was a fraud and that’s it, I was done with Network Marketing. But I have always known Network Marketing is real and it works. I just had to believe maybe I wasn’t destined to make it through that path. So I continued with my day job.

I later received other invitations from friends in other Companies from the same industry, but there was nothing they could do or say to change my mind. I promised myself I was done with MLM. After my youth service, I was retained. I just thought I could agree to that and from there, move to a greener pasture. All my effort towards that wasn’t rewarded. More than two years after my POP, I was still there.

It was earlier in 2016 that a Corps member, who was a friend of mine serving at the same place that I worked, did a one-on-one presentation with me on Network Marketing. It wasn’t a planned meeting at all, it just happened. He didn’t even talk for 10 minutes before I realized this is what I have been looking for.

The Company that I wished I had found earlier back in 2013. Proper training, team spirit, genuine care in helping each other to grow and lots more. My friend didn’t paint the business as a bed of roses, I was properly briefed on the ups and downs, but I still wanted in. And here I am, in!

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.“–Jerry Rice

What It Really Takes?

Here is what I learnt… It is all about how strong your ultimate purpose is, and that willingness of yours to sacrifice who you are right now, for the person you want to be later. (I meant that in a positive way.) My friend, sometimes, that is what it takes.

Through meeting like-minded people, accessing mentors, and investing myself in courses on line, books, and products, my eyes were opened. I believe to some extent, this separates me from most wanna-be business owners out there. The truth is that many people aren’t willing to invest unless they are sure to get immediate returns.

There were times that I was obsessed with reading success stories on business builders, until I decided I would love to create my own too. I realized they were ordinary people that decided to commit to making a change, which they did! In fact, I decided to take my business to the next level by incorporating online marketing into it. I turned it into a home business.

Creating a business in Network Marketing is not get-rich-quick.  Only people that are decisive, dedicated, consistent, and self-motivated can have the breakthrough. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree in business or marketing and know everything about network marketing.

What you need is a teachable heart, a driving force on your reason for going into a business, and a committed coach that is willing to take you step by step. Ordinary people with extraordinary dedication are creating income with time freedom along with life changing income every day, offline and online.

What is that certain idea, dream or initiative project you have being postponing? No matter your age or level, you can still activate your bliss. I also want to help you achieve that. Success has no limits, and I do not think your goals should too. The key to achieving the two starts with taking action as soon as you can.

Get a plan B. Procrastination is a KILLER on the path to financial freedom. If there’s one thing we can’t get back, it is TIME. If you are a positive and self-motivated person looking to make a change, let’s work together.

Yours truly,

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